VOIP Carriers – It’s Big Business

VOIP has been a revolutionary development and enabled people to make and receive calls worldwide through an Internet connection. It has had a great impact on long distance service and caused many of the traditional carriers to change their strategies. Let’s talk about some of the key VOIP carriers.

1. One of the oldest VOIP carriers for residential use is Vonage. They are also the market leader in this sector with over 1,000,000 active customers.

They offer plans with unlimited domestic calling and discounted International calling for a very modest price.

Their service includes many options would otherwise pay for in land line service including call waiting, conference calls, and voice mail. They have a nice web based interface to retrieve voice mails, check usage, and review charges.

2. ViaTalk is another VOIP carrier which offers good service for a price of under $100 for an entire years worth of service. This includes unlimited calling to all of the US and Canada. International calls are heavily discounted as well.

The service also includes over 40 enhanced services like call waiting and voice mail. So for a cost effective solution, this carrier can’t be beat.

3. Skype is another very popular service. This company is owned by eBay and they have a completely free version which allows you to call people worldwide through the Internet. It also has the capability to transmit video for two way video calls.

If you want your own phone number they offer an option for that capability.

It is interesting to note that now some of the major carriers have begun to offer their own versions of VOIP calling.

This helps to confirm that this technology is here to stay and has significantly changed the way we think about making long distance calls.


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