VOIP for Dummies

VOIP stands for voice over internet protocol or in simpler terms means internet phone. Using VOIP services can save you hundreds of dollars every year on local, national and international calling.

If you are unfamiliar with VOIP and the many services available. This book guides you through how to use VOIP for your home or business phone service. It also explains to you what to look for in a good network. It also explains how to set up your VOIP to run on your wireless network.

You will find that there are many VOIP services available when you start to look. Some require extra equipment including special phones, routers or USB plug-ins for you computer. Others require no additional hardware at all and work directly through a headset that you simply plug into your computer.

VOIP allows you unlimited calling plans. Although the specifics will vary from carrier to carrier you can usually eliminate all of your long distance calling charges including those for international calls which can save you a lot of money over a year’s time depending on your phone calling habits.

VOIP can save you money on just a basic home phone as well as setting up your entire business to run on VOIP. Although it may seem daunting the set up ranges from super easy to fairly easy depending on what the system you choose entails.

So take the plunge and find out your options and how much you can save by checking out VOIP for Dummies.


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