VOIP Innovations – Improved Performance

VOIP Innovations is a company which offers wholesale VOIP service from the nation’s top telecommunications companies. Let’s learn a little more about this dynamic company.

VOIP Innovations offers its services to a variety of clients such as service providers or resellers. They have nearly 8500 rate centers with about 500,000 DIDs in their number warehouse. It can provide one of the largest VOIP origination networks in the US.

Their platform includes a complete suite of tools to automate service delivery. This includes a back office which allows the customer to manage all of the contracted services 24×7. It can cover everything from ordering more DID’s to billing details. It is all accessible and easy to manage with this back office system.

Since VOIP Innovations works with virtually all the major carriers, they can offer outstanding service at very competitive rates. They also offer extensive coverage throughout the US and Canada. And keep in mind that service can also extend to Puerto Rico!

Automation plays a big part in being able to provide services quickly, reliably and cost effectively.

The company also supports their customers with an extensive and well trained customer service organization. These people are committed to making the use of VOIP Innovation services as troublefree as possible.

If you decide to come over from another carrier, you can easily transfer your local number with no break in service.

So if you want to take advantage of the cost effective service and outstanding results, then you must check out VOIP Innovations.


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