VOIP Phone Systems – Affordability and Functionality

VOIP phone systems can now enable the homeowner or business owner to make and receive long distance calls domestically or worldwide effectively and cheaply. Here is more info on the key features and benefits of these systems.

These phone systems utilize a technology called voice over IP which enables voice communications over an Internet connection. They have effectively replaced the need for land line communications with their associated high costs.

VOIP has allowed users to make and receive calls for very low cost but high quality performance. The modern VOIP phone systems integrate this technology with phone systems designed to accommodate many users in a single operation.

For a traditional office environment, these systems can include a main switchboard where calls feed into and then are distributed to selected users. Other features such as call transfer, call waiting, and voice mail are normally included in these phone systems.

So you have all the benefits of a traditional office phone system with the cost savings associated with using VOIP technology. The use of this technology enables some interesting enhancements as well.

Instead of storing voicemails on tape, the messages are in digital form and can therefore be accessed through the Internet or sent to cell phones or even converted into a text message. This means if you receive a call at the office, you are never really out of touch.

From a control standpoint these phone systems have great advantages as well. Managers can retrieve detailed reports listing outgoing calls, incoming calls, timing, voice mails, etc. any time they want without having to wait for month end reports from carriers.


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