What is VOIP Technology?

VOIP technology has been all over the news recently and is really making communication much simpler and certainly less expensive. VOIP or voice over internet protocol allows users to be able to talk using their voices over the internet. But what does this mean for you and really, what is VOIP technology?

If you have ever used a microphone on your computer to speak to someone else, you have already used this new VOIP technology. Even new digital phones use this technology to broadcast crystal clear sound reception to anywhere in the world. This new technology will help keep cell phone bills lower and even gives users the ability to have conversations with people anywhere in the world for free.

There are a couple of drawbacks with this new technology. The first is the fact that if you lose the power at your house, you will have no way to get a hold of anyone because VOIP relies on your internet being accessible. You will also not have the ability to dial out to an emergency line when in need like you would with a cell phone or land line.

So what is VOIP technology? In a nutshell it gives users the great advantage of being able to have a land line phone or digital phone at the house without having to pay much in the way of fees. Some cell phones with access to the internet will also give you the ability to call out and receive phone calls without the voices having to use the cell phone towers.


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